kasturi turmeric powder

Kasturi Manjal or Wild Turmeric is one among the 80 members of the plant family Zingiberaceae. It is widely grown in the eastern Himalayas and in South India, native to Tamil Nadu Kasturi manjal has been used by South Indian women in their regular beauty care regimen. Kasturi Manjal has rhizomes with a distinct fragrance and cream colour. The fresh stalk bearing flowers and leaves can be used as a floral indoor decoration in a vase for up to a week.

Kasturi Manjal is used in traditional medicine for external applications for curing skin diseases, sprain, bruises, snake poison and improving skin complexion and texture. This wonder ingredient is credited to have potent anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-melanogenic, antioxidant, anti-tumour, anti-cancer, anti-repellent, antitussive, anti-platelet activity and anti-nephrotoxic properties.

Health Benefits
Remedies Cough
Potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of Kasturi manjal helps in curing cough effectively and eases sore throat. Boil a cup of water, add a pinch of Kasturi manjal powder and have this infusion twice daily to get respite from chest congestion and cough.

Prevents Cancer
A storehouse of antioxidants Kasturi manjal helps combat off free radicals from damaging healthy cells and averts the risk of chronic ailments. While anti-cancer traits of this aromatic rhizome are best known to lessen the growth and formation of tumour cells and avert the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Treats Wounds
The natural healing actions of Kasturi manjal is valuable in treating wounds, scars, snake bites and scrapes. The bioactive compounds in Kasturi manjal promote cell regeneration, facilitate the healing process, and help in curing scar tissue.

Natural Mosquito Repellent
Kasturi manjal is attributed to have mosquito repellent actions that safeguard the skin against mosquito bites. The richness of curcumin in wild turmeric aids in soothing itching and strong aroma fend off the mosquitoes.

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