Goat Milk Soap

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Enhances Skin Glow | Fights Acne / Pimples | Reduces wrinkles | Moisturizes & Cleanses | Reduces Skin Tanning | Includes vitamin E Oil

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Goat Milk Soap


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Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Deep Cleaning with Goat Milk Soap

La Adicción Goat Milk Soap is produced with premium quality goat milk and is completely handmade. It is entirely natural and free of any damaging chemicals or detergents. By eliminating pollutants, the lactic acid in these soaps plays a crucial part in washing your skin. Additionally, it contains alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate the dull top layer of skin and break down the links between dead cells to give the skin a sparkling clean appearance.

Goat Milk Soap Benefits Dry Skin

Low water content in the skin is what causes dry skin. The lipid barrier in your skin often limits moisture loss. Low lipid levels can cause excessive moisture loss, and dry, itchy, and tight skin because of this. Those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema frequently have reduced levels of lipids in their skin, including ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol. For dry skin to improve, it is very important to restore and hydrate the lipid barriers. This natural soap has a lot of cholesterol and fatty acids, so it can restore the missing fats while also giving moisture for better water retention.

Gives Healthy & Nourished Skin

Goat milk contains minerals like zinc, copper, iron, and selenium as well as vitamins like A, B1, B6, C, D, and E. In addition, it contains enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, citric acids, and antioxidants All of these are essential for our body and also for the health of our skin. The best part is that goat milk may swiftly enter the top layer of skin and provide enough nutrients to each of our tissues. Regular use of this soap may feed and hydrate the skin. Additionally, goat milk contains vitamins B and B12. Vitamin B is one of the best vitamins for the skin since it helps lessen redness and dark spots, which can improve the skin’s appearance.

Controls Skin’s pH Balance

Our bodies’ pH levels are perfectly balanced with goat milk soap. Goat milk soap is effective at preserving the pH balance of the skin and thwarting microbial invasion because it contains a fatty acid called caprylic acid.

Removes and Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells

Lactic acid, an exfoliating agent for the face and body skin that has been scientifically confirmed, is a component in goat milk soap. A more youthful complexion will result from the delicate removal of the top layer of dead skin cells. Smooth triglycerides and natural emollients hydrate the skin.

Protects Against Early Skin Ageing

Goat milk soap will protect your body from oxidative damage brought on by free radicals because it is high in vitamin A. It is a great exfoliant, removing the top layer of dead skin cells from your skin and exposing the fresh cell layers beneath. This delays skin aging and eliminates its signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Repairs Damaged Skin Faster

Goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids, which assist our bodies in producing new, healthy cells by eradicating old ones. It aids in skin healing and restores a youthful, vibrant appearance.

Goat Milk Soap Fights Acne and Pimples

Since clogged pores are the root cause of acne, those who are prone to it may have pores that are larger than usual. Due to secondary infections brought on by irritated skin, it frequently persists. Skin issues caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi can occasionally happen. The milk proteins in goat milk soap have amazing anti-microbial capabilities that prevent acne-causing bacteria from growing and get rid of any germs that have already caused a breakout.

Reduces Inflammatory, Irritant, and Infectious Conditions

The fat molecules found in the milk provide goat milk soap its anti-inflammatory qualities. Goat milk soap can help reduce skin inflammation when used regularly. Additionally, there are no chemical additives in it. Therefore, even those with sensitive skin can use it without worrying about causing sensitivity or inflammation. Furthermore, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis can all be naturally settled using goat milk soap.

Prevents Split Ends & Hair Breakage

Casein and whey, two different types of proteins found in milk, are both excellent for hair. By creating a layer of protection, they increase elasticity and guard against hair breakage. Another benefit of goat milk soap for hair is that it naturally smoothes hair.

Goat Milk Soap Eradicates Dandruff

Goat milk contains lauric acid, a chemical that has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It aids in the battle against dandruff and other scalp issues.

Goat Milk Soap Reduces Hair Loss

Biotin (vitamin B7) and proteins are both present in goat milk, which can help stop hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

Moisturizes & Hydrates Hair

Goat’s milk contains fatty acids that help hydrate damaged hair and preserve its natural oils. When hair is properly moisturized, it appears smoother and frizzes less.

Nourishes Hair Root & Stimulates Growth

The vitamins and nutrients found in goat’s milk aid to nourish the hair root and encourage healthy development.


Our natural goat milk soap is handmade with love and the utmost care. We manufacture all our handcrafted soaps in small batches and subjected to stringent quality control standards to ensure premium quality. For acquiring more information kindly have a click in About Us.

Product Features:

100% Natural

Cruelty – Free

Result Oriented

No Artificial Fragrance

Sulphate & Paraben Free

No Preservatives

Directions for Usage:

Gently massage the soap with your wet skin by clean hand in a circular motion for 1 – 2 minutes. Wash it off in plain water and pat dry with a towel.

Goat Milk Soap Ingredients:

Goat Milk Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Oudh Fragrance Oil, Vit. E Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Lye, Sodium Stearate

Product Specifications:

Scent: Arabian Oudh Fragrance

Skin Type: All

Package Type: Double Layered

Use For: External Use Only

Not For: Medicinal Use

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Use a soap dish to drain the soap after each use and to prevent it from melting.

Best Before:

18 months from the date of manufacturing

Product Description:

Numerous cultures all across the world have used goat milk for ages. It is because it has a high nutritional value and many positive health effects. It’s difficult to find fresh, raw goat milk to treat your scalp and skin with a highly nutritious treatment because goat milk is hard to come by in large cities and many small areas. On the other hand, you can choose goat milk soaps from trustworthy companies that provide soaps with the best quality and appropriate composition. You may always choose our handmade goat milk soap on a regular basis for the greatest results for various hair and scalp behaviours such as oily, dry, normal, and combination.

La Adicción Premium Goat Milk Handmade Soap moisturizes your skin on multiple levels, but unlike commercial soaps, they won’t make your skin dry. In brief, using our goat milk soap on a regular basis can offer skin nourishment from the inside out. Grab it up. Oh sure, it’s time to feel more refreshed.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Advised to do a patch test before the application for those having skin allergies. Not for internal use. Statements mentioned are not evaluated by the food and drug administration authority.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2.5 cm

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    Natural feel

    I like this soap and my children also… It helps to recover from sun tan.. Mild fragrance and milky soap.. Lathering also good

    August 5, 2022

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